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July 14, 2009 1:42pm CST
Ok So As You May No Night Of Champions Is Right Around The Corner! So I Want You To Tell Me Who Is Gonna Win, The Matches Are, 1)Triple H Vs. John Cena Vs Randy Orton In That Match Im Probably Gonna Take CENA Even Though Triple H Should Win.But There Is A Possibility That DEBIASE and RHODES Will Interfere With The Match And Help Randy Ortan!. 2) Cm Punk Vs. Jeff Hardy Im Gonna Take CM Punk Because Matt Hardy Will Interfere Wit The Match Because He Is Jealous And Cant See Matt Get Fame! 3) Tommy Dreamer Vs. Christian Christian Because He Is A Way Better Wrestler And Has Better Moves To Take Out Tommy Dreamer. 4) Chris Jehrico & A Mystery Partner Vs. Ted Dibiase And Cody Rhodes Um Chris Jericho And A Mystery Partner. I Really Dont Like Any Of Them But Yeah So I Will Just Say CJ!
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@charblaize (1030)
• United States
19 Jul 09
I hope I am able to watch it, cuz I really like watching all these PPV's. I am a big Hardy fan and love watching wrestling. Match 1) I figure Orton will win with everything that has been going on. I would like for Undertaker or Batista to come out and interfere, but I doubt that will happen. I know Cena won't win since he is a newlywed and filming. To have the championship belt you have to do houseshows, filming will make that hard to do. Match 2) CM Punk, just due to that fact Hardy hasn't resigned a contract and his expires the 31st. I wish Hardy best of luck with Beth and more calmer life, but would love for him to stay in WWE alittle longer. :(( Match 3) Tommy and Christian---I like both of these guys and they were best of buds until all this. Maybe Kolzlov will come and interfere since he wants to be champ Match 4) Chris Jericho & (?)....I don't like any of these guys, wish Legacy would break up and have it out for each other. Jericho, I wish he can complain about something worthwhile and quit whinning just because his belt got taken away. another match: Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler......I hope Rey will learn what he is for and knock Ziggler down a loop or two. I am hoping for more excitement in these matches or surprises to come about with people interfering or new mixes or matches. I know these last couple PPV's were very "typical" and we all knew what the outcomes would be. Let us be surprised and in shock this time!!!
• United States
19 Jul 09
@panjababu (226)
• India
24 Aug 09
Thanks for the results!!!!
@jakeb1 (562)
• United States
20 Jul 09
Good topic, I will give you opinions on who will win and why. I agree that in the first match and main event, the triple threat will go to Cena. Orton will lose his belt, and Cena has the best chance to win it, but Triple H could become 14 time champion if he wins. I think Jeff Hardy will beat CM Punk at Night of Champions and take his belt. The last time CM Punk won the belt, it was only for a little time. Matt Hardy could be the biggest factor in the match. Christian will become a 2-time ECW Champion against Dreamer. It was interesting how on ECW this past week, Christian lost to Shelton Benjamin and Dreamer lost to Kozlov. It makes both of them look weak. I think Dibiase and Rhodes will win the tag-team belts against Jericho and either Dolph Ziggler or the returning Chris Masters. Should be a great card and PPV.