probiotics and swimming in chlorinated pools a lot

United States
July 14, 2009 4:12pm CST
Hi all- I teach water aerobics 7 hrs a week, and I am therefore in heavily chlorinated pools for that time. A friend of mine who works in a health food store says that the chlorine in the pool is not good for beneficial intestinal flora, and will kill it off after being absorbed through the skin. Is this true? Should I be purchasing and taking a good quality probiotic?
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@moon1688 (144)
• China
15 Jul 09
Yes I think you should no matter what you wil do, you hadbetter do your best!
• United States
15 Jul 09
This is a completely nonsensical response. It didn't have to do with the topic. You should not get paid for this one, even if it is only 2 cents.
@buffyb (14)
• South Africa
28 Jul 09
The human body is a pretty tough thing (most of the time) and it is only seven hours a week. You don't say how that 7 hours is broken up, ie. 1 hour a day, or 7 hours in one day. That would make a difference to how much chlorine is absorbed. I used to spend on average 3 hours a day, with no ill effects. If you are worried about it I would say a probiotic yoghurt after your training would easily restore your balance. They say that saline (salt clorinated) pools are much better all around. If it is your own pool, perhaps look at converting. It is expensive to do, but you save in the long term. Happy swimming, and keep up the good work!
@Tiamjr (435)
15 Jul 09
Hi, I think the most damaging thing for your beneficial intestinal flora is actually drinking tap water that is treated with chlorine and/or sodium fluoride. While I have heard that swiming in chlorinated water may also cause damage, I am not sure how much damage it actually causes, and whether it warrants the use of probiotic supplements. I can see no harm in topping up on probiotics if you are in the pool for lengthy periods of time though.