Why don't people appreciate his music?

July 14, 2009 4:56pm CST
Trent Reznor is a really good singer and in my opinion his lyrics are way more meaningful than any songs that are from the 2006-2009 years. Why don't people appreciate his music? Is it because he uses circuit bending to make a transistor sound? I acually like that sound! Hurt, Head Down, Every Day is Exactly the Same, songs like those, have a lot of meaning to me. I don't realise how people can listen to rap singers, all they sing about is s-x and drugs and dancing. You don't need a brain to make up lyrics about that! What do people think of this? NIN is awesome..:)
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@stringer321 (3727)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
10 Aug 11
Nine Inch Nails has a style that is not really a rock music but some of NIN vidoes were on "super rock" mtv show many times. It is hard to listen to something that is supposed to be a rock music and it is actually not a rock music. you are expecting guitar , drums , screams and all...that is not NIN. NIN has a uniq style and creativity. I like some of their songs like "hurt" (cover or not a cover , I don't care) and some more. People just have to twist their brain to listen to wierd music so then they will like NIN. I appreciate NIN for being all the band , he does all the work alone.
@korki4 (264)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
never heard of him too but i'll try fnd and listen to his music
14 Jul 09
never heard of him