would you stay in a relationship if your spouse cheated on you

@chelsit (105)
United States
July 14, 2009 6:34pm CST
I was listening to the Wendy Williams show on the radio today and a woman was very upset that her husbands mistress called her and told her that she a coworker of the husbands was having an affair with this womans husband. The wife was not upset that this woman had called her she was just mad that the mistress thought that now she knew about the affair that the wife would leve the husband. The wife promptly informed her that this was not the first affair that the husband was having with a coworker and she was not leaving her husband for all the tea in china. So my big question is how many times does your spouse have to cheat o yu before you say enough is enough?
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@tjades (3592)
• Jamaica
15 Jul 09
If the man does not love me enough to protect me from any such mistress being so upfront/brazen to contact me then why would I remain with him. Cheating in itself is reason enough for me to call it quits, but the mistress making contacts with me is beyond anything I would put up with. As the wife I ought to be treated as a princess by my husband. Anything less from my prince merits a goodbye.
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• China
14 Jul 09
which cheat?maybe he or she have to do ,maybe cheat for you .
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@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
1st time is enough but if he did it twice.. its to much.. and i won't stay in that relationship even if i'm married and i had kids.. i still want out..
• United States
15 Jul 09
Cheating is not something any one wants to have to deal with, yet it is out there more than most realize. Myself I wouldn't couldn't do that to my partner, it just isn't a relationship if one has to look beyond what they have. No I wouldn't tolerate cheating either, I did at one time and we talked I was promised things that never were followed through with so it ended. If you truly love someone with your whole heart, then there shouldn't be even a thought of wanting to be with someone else. So many out there that are cheated on and don't even know it is just sad.