What is the tallest tree you have ever climbed?

@hotsummer (10466)
July 15, 2009 1:34am CST
I have climbed with 10 feet as the tallest tree. not more than that. i am weary climbing on trees. i do that with caution cause i don't want to injure myself . i used to climb trees when i was young but not any more as we don't have trees here in my place. only in my relatives if far place do i get to climb trees. anyways, there are some people who climb a very tall coconut trees to get the fruit. i am amazed how they are able to climb such a tall coconut tree like it is about 50 feet tall or more. quite scary to look at them climbing up and down the tree.
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@voldrox (7203)
• India
15 Jul 09
hi climbing trees is pretty interesting, but i used to do that when i was a lot younger, yeah watching people climb the coconut tree is fun to watch!... i have climbed trees earlier and it wasn't much high but more than two 6 feet person stacked on upon the other, yeah more than 12 feet, but that was quiet a long time back... don't even remember what tree that was...