July 15, 2009 1:52am CST
My girlfriend and i have a little fight.I'm accusing her of something that she didn't do,my girl get angry on me.I realize my mistake and asking for her forgiveness but she does'nt take my apology.I love my girlfriend very much, more than she ever knew.Hope she will forgive me.I'm planning to have a family with her. If you see her tell her that I love her very much, and I'm very sorry for what I've done.
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• Malaysia
15 Jul 09
hi jeff ... when a woman get so angry until she is not able to think straight .. is normally when : - what you said truly hurt her (very very badly) - some mistakes that was forgiven and was repeated without thinking of the pain it has caused - she has found a better substitute So you go ponder and see what actually made her so mad that she cant forgive you cheers