Vasotec....... Tried to make me blind. I have low blood pressure and diabetes

@Pixell (192)
United States
November 12, 2006 10:40pm CST
Do you take a blood pressure pill? I did for a few days after being diagnosed with diabetes. Dr.s perscribe blood pressure meds to people with d. to protect the kidneys........ within three days my 200 glasses {for reading} no longer worked for reading but became the only way I could see the tv across the room and to drive at night. I stopped taking the pills after 3 days sure it was the meds making my eye sight so blurred. I ended up even without taking the vasotec anymore needing 350 glasses to be able to read. I asked the doc and the pharmisist about it and both said vision problems is not a side effect for vasotec. and that it just timing......... I asked " so exactly who told my eye that I have diabetes and its ok to go blind now" I have not taken the vasotec at all and never will. My eays are back to normal or better. I am using 125s to see the screen now. But use 200s to read a book.
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