What is your picture of a peaceful life?

July 15, 2009 12:45pm CST
"Peace lies within you" that is what many people say. As for me a peaceful life truly happens when i go to hilly place or somewhere where there is less traffic, pollution. the fresh air, cool breeze, a natural surrounding is what i would prefer. many problems and stress around, some people hardly get time to sleep.. or they may not be able to sleep. so if you want a break from your current life, what would be your idea or picture of having a peaceful life? or otherwise, if you are a person who finds peace where ever you are, how do you make it possible? Some people always stay calm and create a peaceful atmosphere where ever they are.. however, that is very rare. if you are one of them, you are Great! good luck. thanks for your response :)
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• Philippines
28 Dec 09
a peaceful life for me is when you can easily overcome a problem in life.you arne't worrying too much.you don't have to worry about a financial problem or drowning debt.you don't have to worry about people on your life who are using you or abusing you.you don't have to worry about a failing business or investment gone wrong.you don't have to worry about a cheating husband or a child's failing grade.yes,worries are really unavoidable in life,but worrying more about it can make a bigger problem.when worried,it is bet to go to church and pray.
@marcyyyy (520)
• United States
17 Jul 09
When I was in Maine a month ago, it was peaceful. It was so quiet in the town we stayed in I swear I could hear the ants crawling across the bay. I felt like there was nothing to be afraid of, and that no one could find me if they tried!