What do you love and hate about facebook?

July 15, 2009 5:19pm CST
Ok so we all here probably like facebook, and the functions about it. But what do you love most about facebook? But what do you hate most about it? come on we know there are those little parts about facebook that you may hate. Share you comments! I have got to say I love the easy platform they use, and very quick but the live chat addition that added is great!
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• Malaysia
17 Jul 09
What I love about facebook is the games, the security and the picture profile uploads. And the layout is clean and easy to navigate. What I hate the most about facebook is they change their layout too often and it's not easy for people to change their interest every year. Just stick to one layout and try not to screw things around. Just let people choose what layout they prefer. Right???
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
15 Jul 09
I love Facebook for its never-ending games, applications like quizzes, super-pokes and many more. I am so into Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Vampire Wars and the likes. But there is also a few things that I don't like about Facebook. The profile page can look cluttered and there is no themes for choosing different layouts and designs for each and everyone of our accounts for an individualistic approach. Something like blogger, whereby I can choose and embed codes and choose a standard design layout as given by the site. And I agree with the previous friend. It's hard to navigate through friends list. I would like it so much if the lists are in alphabetical order. Good discussion here..
• United States
15 Jul 09
the only thing that i don' like about facebook is the fact that u can't find friends through names. u have to search for them through either email, or personally on facebook. other than that, I love facebook.