mario and luigi....

July 15, 2009 7:08pm CST
in my childhood,i used to play a game in which apart from mario there used to be a character named luigi. can anyone tell me who this luigi is? mario's brother? or sum1 else?
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18 Jul 09
Luigi is mario's little brother.Unlike mario, luigi is taller and can jump high than mario.But he cant run faster.Luigi has featured in some of the Super Mario Bros. Game series, but not all of them.
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16 Jul 09
Luigi is Mario's brother. Mario is in the spotlight most of the time compared to Luigi so not alot of people really know him some people just said green mario. He is taller and looks different than mario just look for the green L. Luigi's Mansion for the gamecube was one of the only games to star Luigi as the main character saving mario I wish Luigi had the spotlight more :(
@rhinojam (23)
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16 Jul 09
he wears green and looks like mario but taller, he does not have that high pitch voice.