Who here knows a lot about conveyor belts?

United States
July 15, 2009 9:20pm CST
I'm just wondering... for a mail-room type of conveyor belt, what is the name of that big round door on the belt that you have to lift up and push into the wall?
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@mizandhk (157)
• Bangladesh
16 Jul 09
who doesnt?!!! i mean i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that but i would get in trouble unlessss..........i did SUPER SWEET NINJA MOVES and got out of there before a old man came running out saying "those pesky kids...." WELL ANYWAY...i have KINDA done that b4 but it was at a walmart! hahaha. it is funny but really retarded. my friend and i were racign to get a whole list of stuff and since i was running full speed, i tripped over a box and did like this MAJOR dive into the cereal isle and when i got up, 2 people were behind me with all this stuff in there hands and i turned around and ALL there stuff flew in the air! it was hilarious but all an accident!
• United States
17 Jul 09
Wow, I seem to be receiving a lot of responses lately that have absolutely NOTHING to do with my original post/question. I wonder why that is.