Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

United States
July 15, 2009 10:49pm CST
Just for the heck of it, and because I can find nothing better to do at this moment, I am starting this discussion asking random questions, some may be thought provoking, some will be just plain silly! I look forward to hearing all of your replies and thoughts. Also, I will reserve my own answers til after I hear from some of you. 1. If you could do just one thing to make this world a better place, what would it be? And in what way do you think that this would make the world a better place? Why? 2. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep upon a cloud, one of those fluffy looking white ones that you see on clear, storm free days? 3. If you could time travel, which era would you visit and why? 4. Do you support and believe in Gay rights? Why or Why not? 5. Have you ever swung from a vine wearing only a loin cloth or your underpants? 6. If you had super human powers, like a super hero, would you use them for good or evil? What exactly would you do with them?
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