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Neobux "error" - Screenshot of the "error" I received from Neobux.
@gcorp09 (940)
July 16, 2009 12:34am CST
Hi, all Neobux members. I will need some advice about this issue which I've experienced since this morning. I saw 2 mini exposure ads this morning (around 2 hours apart). For the first ad, I clicked on the ad, and it brings me to another page. While loading, there's an alert from my anti virus program. It shows: [SID: 23364] HTTP Malicious Toolkit Variant Activity 8 detected Next, the ad loads, and you can see the message "Waiting for the advertisement to load". I waited for the ad to load finished, but I notice that the above is still showing as "Waiting for the advertisement to load". Feeling strange, I tried to reload the page again, but it was not able to be displayed. I could not even access the Neobux website. I waited another 10 - 15 minutes, and finally, I'm able to load the page, but the ad is gone. A few hours later, I saw another mini exposure ad. I clicked on it, and again, the same things happened as above. Well, it's definitely very strange. When I'm able to access the site again, the same ad was still there with the star, so I clicked on it. The same thing happened again, and this time, I actually take a screenshot with the error message (see attached picture). I had also allow for the page to load for 20 minutes, but the same message "Waiting for the advertisement to load" is still there, even though the page had finished loaded more than 18 minutes ago... I will like to know if anyone else faced this problem too. I'm not getting any credits for any advertisement although I had seen 2 additional ads since this morning. It's really frustrating... Please advise. Sorry for the long post...
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16 Jul 09
Ive had that happen a couple of times. I think sometimes what happens is people put it up and then either take it down because they changed their minds or they posted something that was against the terms of service and the admins of the site took it down for them no questions asked. Neobux is generally good about stuff like that. what you could do is email Admin and ask for a better explanation then that if it still bothers you.