can you feel the pain of a surrogate mom who carried others' baby?

@Ritchelle (3797)
July 16, 2009 3:07am CST
i'm a mom and mere separation from my child might result in intolerable pain that would send me to my grave. lately, i've heard sarah jessica parker hiring another female to carry her baby. another former supermodel chery tiegs did this also. surrogate moms were featured in tv left and right. much as one testifies that she is aware of what she did (carrying somebody else's baby) she felt really, really hurt and almost doesn't want to give up the child she carried for nine months to the biological parents. you, as a mom, do you feel the pain of a surrogate mom? why don't just people adopt or try to live without a child? or only one child? or only a few children? it seems like inflicting pain to the soul of another being than just trying to live and working in making her childless life work for her like what god (obviously) planned... no offense.
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