Real Madrid and famous players

@dano59 (15)
Slovak Republic
July 16, 2009 5:06am CST
What you say on Real Madrid great shopping players? You think as Real Madrid will be winner Champions league? They shopping famous and very good players than C.Ronaldo, K.Benzema, Kak√° What on this you say? I say as R.Madrid win Primera Division.
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• China
23 Jul 09
You must always remember that it takes eleven to win a game. Famous as well as expensive players don't guarantee a championship. I don't think C.Ronaldo can succeed in Spain because of the style and his personal affairs outside the court. Kaka's gonna play an important role in the following season. But that's not enough to beat the teams from England, let alone Barcelona.
19 Jul 09
Its simple to answer this one, thats a no, Real won't win the Champions League this season. The reason is this - they have done nothing to improve their defence. Their strike-force wasn't exactly bad last season, and what with the new acquisitions we may see them score more, but until they improve their defence the chance to concede 5 over two legs again is always there.
@emmanola (482)
16 Jul 09
It is not a couple of individual expensive players that win laurels for a team, it is a set of eleven committed players, who give their all on and off the pitch, are hungry for success, not unnecessarily envious of one another, create scoring chances and make the best use of them, defend well and make it difficult for the players from the opposing team from creating scoring chances, prevent their opponents from scoring as much as possible, are discipline and play according to instruction, are innovative, etc. that can win silverwares for a club. One of the danger of assembling expensive players is jealousy and deliberate effort to undermine some of this players. I'm not saying this is going to happen in the case of Real Madrid. How do you separate Ronaldo and Kaka? A school of thought believe that Kaka is better than Ronaldo and the former suppose to be the reigning World Footballer of the Year. How will this work out at Real Madrid now that they have to play together? I see a situation where each of them may unconsciously begin to play to showcase his skills and abilities instead as a team member. Now add Benzema to that calculation; isn't it becoming more complex? That's how simple it is for Real Madrid to prosper from this experiment. One error the management of Real Madrid CF may commit is to assume that the only rival they have in Spain is Barcelona. Other Clubs are qualified contenders for the crown; Valencia is an example. Well, I wish Real Madrid success in this crazy experiment.