A bad night's dream

Scream - I thought i heard you scream my name
July 16, 2009 6:44am CST
I came to see you last night again, To fill your dreams with misery and pain I whispered words of sorrow in your ear Making you tremble and quake with fear I pulled the covers back and blew an icy blast To freeze you all over to see how long you'd last I sat back and watched as you let out a mournful sigh I even laughed when I made you cry I love to taunt and tease you in the middle of the night To be the person you fear and fright I pull your hair and pinch your skin I invade your dreams with lies and sin I put imaginary spikes under your bed I turn your sleep into something you dread I only do this because when you arise It's me that you turn to, in me that you confide.
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