Is your life passing you by?

United States
July 16, 2009 10:27am CST
Do you ever sit back and wonder what have I done? I know when I was younger and still now there is so much that I wanted/want to do with my life, but I feel like I get caught up in the daily scheme of things and forget the bigger picture. I get upset when I think about this because I know that people work to have a life not to make that their life, or most people do. If that is true then why do we work so hard and not spend all the time with our families we should. Life has gotten more complicated then most people thought it would I think. So I ask you is your life passing you by? Do you forget where years have gone? Or has your life turned out just like you thought it would and you have done everything you wanted to?
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• Philippines
16 Jul 09
I do feel this at times. I know that I just can't turn back the time but sometimes, I keep on regretting things that I did and things that I did not do. I really hope that my life would be better, I really hope that I can get a good job that my man will accept. I used to work back in March but my guy didn't really like my job (because of the graveyard shifts)