For Michael Jackson fans, how does he inspire you?

July 16, 2009 11:01am CST
I was once a huge fan of Michael Jackson back in my 1st Year HS. I was young and quite a late bloomer when it comes to news and updates. Well.. The story was, I was at my neighbor house which actually just next to my house, he had quite a number of casette tapes which at that time was the trend. Then I saw which I think MJ's 'Blood on the Dance Floor' album. I didn't know why I borrowed it, cause I think I wasn't familiar of him cause I was young and like I said, I'm kind of late bloomer.. So when I went home and listened to it, I instantly got hooked to it. I love his album a lot and I can totally say, the best albums I've ever had! And I started to become a huge of him right there. Then years passed, my taste with music and lifestyle kind of changed. I no longer listen that much to MJs song. But I still like him. Fast forward, then after hearing from my dad that he passed away, I was shocked, like everyone else. Can't believe it. It was way too fast.. Then it hit me.. I was so sad, really sad and I just can't hold my tears.. ?Michael inspired me so much about his life and his achievements. I hate the tabloids for saying untrue things about him, cause I can see and feel he's a genuine person. He've been through a lot and that's just too much and he deserve good things in life apart from his fame. I love what Janet has to say to people about her brother on behalf of her family and herself, she said, 'To you Michael is an icon, to us Michael is family..' This just something meaningful and touching and it's true. Michael is an inspiration despite of the not good things he've been through.. He've done so much to prove himself and he's a great man in and out, and will always be an inspiration for me. And I love him so much. The 'King of Pop' is with the King now.
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
16 Jul 09
As much as I love Michael Jackson I cant say that he has inspired me at all but has touched me especially in the song heal the world which is a great song and a song we should all follow and try to do. But other then that he has not really inspired me to do anything else.
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@maximax8 (28976)
• United Kingdom
16 Jul 09
At the time I became a fan of Michael Jackson I was in my last year of primary school. It was either Beat It or Billie Jean that I heard at a school disco and loved. Then at the start of my time at secondary school Thriller came out. Wow! I still adore it today. Later Michael sang about very meaningful things like Heal the World and Black of White. I will miss Michael Jackson and think of him as the King of Pop.
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@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
17 Jul 09
I agree with you about what you said he was a great singer and dancer as well I love all his songs. cd