When Boss is not around....... (rats are messing around)

@jaizhi (260)
July 16, 2009 11:34am CST
I have a friend who works in an Ice Cream Bar. There boss is too cheap that it is not even giving them minimum wage. There was a time when my friend called me on the phone asking if I would want a free yogart.... who wouldn't want yogart. So I said yes... When she got to my place she is carrying 7 plastic cups having yogart in it... so I asked her where she bought it, first because it taste good, second it has a weird packing... She told me it was from the STORE. One of the waiters prepared 17 wrong yogarts and since it cant be sold out anymore because the yogarts are prepared infront of the customer she and her waiter friends took it home. She said that it was not even deducted form their salary. I was shocked and felt bad for the owner of the store. The waiter could do that on purpose so he can have something to take home. The next day another friend of mine working in a bar house called and was drunk at work. He even said that they got the money from the TIP BOX!!!! I told him the boss should put locks on that box... he said "it has a lock but we have sticks to pull it out of the insert whole"... I feel so sad, now I am re thinking if I wanted to have my own business because I know for sure that somehow in some ways I will have an employees who are like this.. Hay... world is growing bad.
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
16 Jul 09
Hi jaizhi, I don't really think there are bad employess to be blamed completely, because it's a matter of give and take. It is not enough by saying "I have a job and I'm grateful" that's just half the truth. For a job to be considered a good if not a great job for the employees, it has to do plenty with a comfortable environment, be motivated, respected, if pay is at least minimum wage have a plan to receive incentives. Whatever that works, because if not, sooner or later it will happen what you're just telling us.
@surfermac (466)
• India
16 Jul 09
ya there are not too many honest workers out there
@rainmark (4306)
16 Jul 09
They were making thier boss business bankrupt! Im not going to hire an employee like that. I always do my work properly, im not messing around in terms of job, even my wages never met the minimum wage. COz if you are messing in your job, it will give you a bad reputation for your next decent job.Bad record! Happy posting.