Cash Flow!!

United States
July 16, 2009 3:29pm CST
Money. Money. Money. How Many Billionaire's Are Out There That Came Out With Stupid Ideas. Like Come On, Any One Of Us Could Have Made A ShoeLace. And That Guy/Girl Is Probably A Trillionaire. Which Real Sucks. Cause When You Look At Stuff. That's Real Stupid But Sell Alot Of. You Think Wow I Could Have Came Up With That. But No One Did Except That Guy. Do You Get What Im Saying? Like The Other Day Me and My Family Were Heading Up To Yuma, Arizona And We Stopped At This Gas Station And At The Front There Was A Product And It Seem They Just Like Cut The Top Of A Water Bottle. Its For Soda Cans And It Turns It Into Like A Bottle. With A Twisty Top. And The Girl In Front Was Like "Yeah Those Are Stupid But They Are The Things That Make You Mad Cause You Didnt Come Up With It". It Was Funny. So What Do You Think About Little Trillion Ideas?
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