Terrorist: Freedom Fighters or plain cowards?

@wergild (189)
July 17, 2009 2:33am CST
Several explosion rocked the Southern Philippines this month and just recently in Indonesia. Civil and military authorities readily blames all those Islamic Jihadist and rebel groups as perpetrators and you can bet those terrorist are having a field day celebrating and shouting that those mangled bodies are justified for the cause of religion and politics. But the way I see it, they can call themselves mujahideen or freedom fighters but they are just plain sadistic cowards. What do you think?
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• Philippines
16 Aug 09
These people are brainwashed. Their so called ___ brothers are living in luxury and getting richer with oil and sponsoring terrorism. And the ordinary people were just baits and lead to believe that to kill the infidels will earn them a place in heaven. What kind of teaching is that?