i'm finally getting reimbursed...

United States
July 17, 2009 10:19am CST
Recently, I had major trouble with my car...while just getting off a major route, and turning the corner, my control arm on my car, snapped in half, putting my car into a complete stop. I couldn't go anywhere, and had to have my car towed, to my mechanic. After finding out what it was, and having it repaired, I went on line, and discovered that there was a recall for this part on this model car. So I immediately called the company, and gave them all the details. In turn I had to send in all the proofs that was required by me on the repair, and once it was approved, they would reimburse me for the repair. That was almost 3 months ago. Since then I had all the normal run arounds - "checks don't go out every week, it's only on Thursdays", "the documents you sent in in had to go to Indiana, so that would take a week", "because there was a back log of repairs that the company had to pay for, it may be another week, before they get to you", "oh, they only send out the checks every other Thursday", etc, etc., etc. I finally had to threaten them and tell them if my check didn't go out soon, I would have to go higher up in the company, or the state to report them. Hurray! They just called me to tell me the check was issued, and I should be receiving it next week in the mail - it is coming from California. So, right now, I am thrilled to have the extra money in my pocket, that I didn't think I'd ever receive. So there is hope, guys...some companies aren't there to rip you off...however the run around can take a toll on you.
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