Salad, anyone?

July 17, 2009 11:15am CST
I love my own salad more than anyone Else's, . All my family seems to feel the same. i usually put in lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers,What is your idea of the perfect salad??
2 responses
• India
17 Jul 09
I wish I would feel the same! I wonder how tasteful the salad you make would be! If I got invite from you I might have visit your home to taste the salad you make with your own hand! Anyway very good to know that, your family members like it too. Wow.
• United States
17 Jul 09
I'm a big fan of spicy salad greens instead of lettuce, although I think that's mostly because my brother works at a farm and brings me greens all the time. I like mustard greens and arugula, mixed in with spinach and some salad mix. I tend to put in vegetables that are not as crisp, like tomatoes and avocados, instead of peppers and cucumbers. I really like cucumbers, but I'm kind of a snob about them. If you get certain kinds, they have a bitter aftertaste that just tastes like I'm eating pesticides and makes me nervous. I also think the dressing is a key point - I usually just sprinkle balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it, but sometimes I like to mix in a little pesto or a fruit based vinaigrette.