Parking ticket

July 17, 2009 1:40pm CST
As I said in an earlier post, I am also investigating the possibilities of parallel dimensions. There are an infinity of dimensions that exist in parallel with our own. I have been parking my car lately in the third dimension from the left: in physical terms, technically the car disappears from sight but is still there. It only ceases to be visible from the dimension where the viewer stands. Anyway I parked the car there for three days in a row last week. But I received a letter from that dimension today, alongside a fine. I had parked my car right in the middle of the migrating path of rainbow pataques, named as such for the iridescent crescent that both males and females display on their rectum. This crescent is used for communication within members of the species. Apparently, what happened is their path, through a concrete tunnel, was blocked by my car. Pataques are spherical-shaped animals, distantly related to mammals in our dimension. They are as high as cars and possess very short legs. This particular path is used by the males in their annual migration, to meet the females for a drink. Since the tunnel corresponds in diameter to the height of an adult male and the car was parked lentghwise in it, the pataques couldn't walk over it or underneath it. They couldn't reach the females that were impatiently waiting for their arrival, on the other side of the tunnel. The males that were close to the car tried to turn around but were prevented in doing so by the others that were still entering the tunnel. A horrible pandemonium followed, where all the males died, asphyxiated, trampled to death or crushed against the walls of the tunnel. After two days, the females, exasperated by the absence of the males, got angry and fought among themselves, killing each other. The fight must have been quite a sight, especially when one knows that female pataques are a third larger than the males: it is interesting to note that male mortality is quite high for the good reason that males are often crushed to death during their perilous mating, when the females sit on them sometimes for hours on end. Unfortunately, on that particular instance, all the males died trapped in the tunnel and all the females killed each other, causing the total extinction of the species. I had inadvertently caused the complete annihilation of the rainbow pataques species and got a ticket for illegally parking my car in the middle of their path. I must now pay the fine of a bottle of mineral water within 15 days from the date of the letter otherwise the amount I have to pay doubles. The day-to-day life of a mutant can be challenging sometime.
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