why my mother-in-law is crazy (amongst other things)

United States
November 13, 2006 12:10am CST
why my mother-in-law is crazy (amongst other things) she let her first son teeth on the same pork chop bone for 3 weeks until she finally lost the bone she thinks humans and dinosaurs co-existed she believes that a spirit named katie lives in her bathroom closet because the closet door sometimes opens by itself she claims her doctor told her menthol cigarettes are good for her throat, because menthol is in some cough drops too she will leave food (raw, frozen, cooked, whatever) in the microwave or oven and believes this will keep it from spoiling she thinks the arabs are jewish because the letters a-r-a-b are also at the beginning of abraham she told me she felt sorry for my daughter because i was breast-feeding, and by 3 months old, she should be drinking cow's milk and eating things like mashed potatoes and beans she thinks it's ok to correct other people's children in any setting (in her own home, other people's homes, the grocery store, etc.), even with the parents right there by the child she believes her home is a "spiritual safe zone," and that spirits are constantly in her yard, circling her home, or otherwise just visiting she told me i could not physically bear a daughter, because she had several miscarriages and a doctor had told her she did not have a hormone that would allow her to bear daughters, so therefore she could not pass this hormone to my husband she thinks bush is smarter than clinton she criticizes "yankees" and considers herself southern, even though she was born and raised in michigan, and has only spent a third of her life in the south
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