Mullberry Trees

United States
July 17, 2009 2:57pm CST
Is there a way to help encourage it's production of berries??? We've had this house for 7 yrs and until this summer I had no idea what type of tree it is because I don't recall seeing any berries until this year or the birds ate them all. I finally recognized them as being the same berries that would fall over my Grandmothers driveway. My kids like the berries but I don't know what else I can do to encrouage them to be more fruitful since I know what tree it is.
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@BarBaraPrz (21327)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
17 Jul 09
There are fruiting and non-fruiting varieties of mullberry trees. They need to be about ten years old before they start producing fruit. So, since you've been there for 7 years and this is the first year you've noticed berries, it's probably just a young tree. Mulberries like a warm, well-drained soil, preferably a deep loam, and full sun. Dressing the soil with compost should help fruit production.
• United States
18 Jul 09
The property has been there for 60 yrs I don't think the tree is quite that old but old enough it's encroaching on some powerlines. I've heard folks say some are good producers and some are not. Though my neighbor said she used to have raspberries but the birds ate everything and another said the same about her strawberries so I imagine that could be the case as well. The one that hangs partially onto the school playground was beautiful and was absolutly filled to capacity with berries I noticed on while and the playground and then wondered if the birds ate most of mine or ??? It's planted next to another berry tree they are less than 3 ft appart trunkwise. THe neighbor didn't know what either were but that the owner used to make jam out of the berries. So I have one figured out the other I have no idea yet what it is and never remember to see if I take it into a nursery with a branch if someone knew what it was. But since I don't know what the other is I don't dare eat it.
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