What is the best way to get rich?

July 17, 2009 4:13pm CST
One of the most important things (and people seem to refuse to accept this) is to stop spending all your money. You don't need all the useless junk. You'd be a lot happier knowing the money is in the bank.
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@marguicha (100410)
• Chile
17 Jul 09
I like your way of thinking. Maybe you won´t get rich that way but you will not have money problems and you will learn to live with what you have and still be happy. I´m frugal except for one yhing. I like to travel and it´s not in my budget. So all the money I earn online goes for vacations.If I earn little, I go near. If I earn more, I have better vacations. Luck
• Singapore
17 Jul 09
so how much and what site are you on. Can i join u?
• India
17 Jul 09
your way is good but thats not answer.
@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
18 Jul 09
It is hardly to me expected.I will buy some lottoes to expect.I will buy some stocks to keep,when the economy will be up.
• United States
17 Jul 09
i have a website i use its basically refferals i have a couple videos and links if you want just add me as a friend and ill send it to u!
@smart44 (511)
• Philippines
17 Jul 09
the best way to get rich, is to love your work, spend wisely, and to put it in a business where in you know how to handle with.
• Singapore
17 Jul 09
Whats the point to become rich if you don't spend. I mean if you do not spend at all then you don't have to be rich. Not everyone wants to be rich actually but how rich you are depends on the expectation. I you dream to fly you must have wings.