Do you eat much like PACMAN?

July 17, 2009 6:55pm CST
I am sure all of you here know the PACMAN game. This is a game that has very simple graphics and anyone will easily know how to play this game from the first attempt. Basically, Pacman will just have to eat tiny things while running to opponents. But I am not talking about how Pacman games work. Instead, I will be talking about our eating habbits. Recently, I posted about a friend who eat much and cannot stop eating every single hour. The last time I saw him, he weighs 100 kilos, and only after few months that I have not seen him, I was surprised to accidentaly saw him and he really gained weight physically. He looks very fat and I ask him directly what he is doing why he gained so much weight. Well, he say, he cannot resist to eat every hour because he is not working now. He just resigned from work and because of some depressions also being alone, he has nothing to do but to eat. He make sure that his fridge is full of foods and while he is watching TV, he kept on eating. How is that. For sure he will gain weight in a short time. He even drop me a joke that he is almost like PACMAN. I actually gave him some advice. I even asked him to do some exercise even simple walking with his dog. He do not usually go out. He just stay at home. He do not need to work for two years because he can actually receive social benefits from the government offices. Now, he do some sit-ups and some light exercises. I even invited him for a swimming and we even visit a sauna last month. I am willing to help him not to be called as PACMAN. I myself do not want to be PACMAN. But actually, Pacman does not look fat even if he eats and eats much foods. Hehe. Just kidding. But anyways, do you also eat much? What made you eat much?Happy Mylotting. Keep posting. Best Regards,Jeff
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@febrigas (362)
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13 Jul 11
No, I do not eat like pacman. Pacman is a great classic game, it has a simple rule, so many people can play it. And that's why Pacman is very popular in the world.
19 Nov 09
no I dont eat like him. but sure he is a living legend to me...