If you don't understand English, will you watch prison break and hero series?

July 17, 2009 11:39pm CST
I realized many Chinese like to watch those american drama even though they don't understand what the actors and actresses are talking about. They can only understand the story by reading Chinese subtitles. Will you watch those drama series if you can only understand the story through subtitles?
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@kym123 (8)
• China
20 Aug 09
i think i will. why not. you can understand what its going on by reading the subtitles. if you dont watch the drama just because you cannot understand their language, you may miss many fantastic dramas and films. many fantastic dramas get popular mainly because people can understand them even though they cannot understand the language. to be honest, even I'm a college student major in business English, when i watch those foreign dramas or films, i still need the subtitles to help me better understand them better. so i wont give up those dramas just because i cannot understand their language.