ZZ to Guest Co-Host Raw

July 18, 2009 7:27am CST
This actually sounds great. Im a fan of ZZ Top, and although i probably wont watch Raw, I would certainly like to see how this works.I think it could benefit Raw, for Rock fans,especially ZZ Top fans who, amy not really watch WWE at all, may watch this particular episode, just to see ZZ Top, could be a ratings puller. But What do you think about ZZ Top on Raw?
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• Belgium
18 Jul 09
I actually never heard of ZZ, but i'm looking foward to it, they look like those people that make rock and roll and drive arround in motorcycle's... i'd like to see what they'll make of it.
20 Jul 09
Sorry, its not actualy ZZ its ZZ Top.
@charblaize (1030)
• United States
19 Jul 09
Many of us in the "older generation" loves ZZ Top and they may want to pull more of us back in, since they are going to the New Generation of younger talent and audience. I can't wait to see what these fellas come up with and how much turmoil they may bring. Hopefully they won't let anyone bully them and they may bully the wrestlers !!! hahaha. Anyway, its going to be exciting and good for RAW. Now when Hardy leaves Smackdown, they better do something there cuz they will be in for losing viewers. I love the idea of a new GM each week, you never know what will be in store or who the GM is, gives the wrestlers something to think about and gives us viewers something to wonder whats going to happen next...love the idea. Though, I feel they left this open for when Vicki decides to come back. :((
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
18 Jul 09
If you have been following WWE you would know that the ratings went down with Vicky being the GM of Monday night Raw. She did a horrible job and I am glad that she left. She needed to go. However McMahon did a good thing selling to Donald Trump even if it was for one night. After Trump bought Raw the ratings went up. And with Trump stating that there would be a new GM every Monday Night was the best thing for the business. There have been a few so far and they have done great. It really is making the show. However just because it is ZZ Top being the GM for this Monday night is a good thing but it wasn't what pulled people back into Raw.