How should the next Zelda game be like?

United States
July 18, 2009 11:00pm CST
The Legend of Zelda has gone many paths since it first started for the NES. First as a over head game then to a side scroller back to over head with updated graphics and finally 3D gameplay. Windwaker surprised players with the cartoonist graphics and Twilight Princess updated the series with a larger epic adventure and stunning visuals for the Wii and Gamecube. So what comes next to the series? What weapons would you see updated or brought back from previous installments? What characters would you want to see back in the series? (Not Tingle lol jk)Even what abilities should Link have such as magic, sword combat, horseback riding, and swimming? Should it be rated M or kept as T for most players? Possibly what new elements should be added to the Zelda series such as wagon jacking, fist fighting, combo system, bosses, dungeons, exp system, etc? Describe how the new Zelda should be like and how it would renew the series.
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• Jamaica
19 Jul 09
TINGLE MUST REMAIN IN THE SERIES!!! lol He was the best :) In all honesty I can't really say what the next Zelda game should be like - they are all very innovative. With Wind Waker - it was the sailing. With Ocarina of Time - it was the travelling through Time. With Majora's Mask - it was the various real-time schedules and the 3 day time limit you were constrained to. With Twilight Princess - it's the twilight world and wolf form. I don't know how the developers can keep thinking of such unique ideas but I think they should just continue what they're doing as they've got the formula right for now. Good topic - brings back many memories; happy myLotting!
• United States
19 Jul 09
Would be also groovy if they made Zelda multiplayer too. If you played the Four Swords than you know what I mean. Those were very fun to play and competitive at times like collecting rupees lol! I just remember everyone pushing me aside to get to the big rupees. Keep on trucking good buddy!!!