arent you bored of chatting?

@whateva (786)
July 19, 2009 5:46am CST
i am totally bored of everyone i chat with..and i am no more interested in chatting.. i dont want to be rude but still every one who tries to contact with me pisses me off for no reason ..thats why i am here where no one is really that close or knows you that well no ones much concerned..its like a get away but i dont know why exactly am doing that
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• United States
28 Feb 10
yeah i kindof get bored with chatting online. it can sometimes get pretty tireing every now and then. i dont always spend much time chatting online though.
@med889 (5958)
23 Jul 09
I usually feel bore when chatting for long with a person and I tell that that I am either doing something at the same time chatting with him/her or simply that I have something more important to do so I just leave the chat room. When I got to know mylot I chat less with friends online, only at work I chat with collegues online because we cannot allow ourselves to move every now and then.
@jianhong (740)
• Singapore
19 Jul 09
I believe everyone need to have a chat with your friends. Be it on msn, on phone or face to face. But of course you can choose when you wanna have a good chat. Not when you are busy with your work right. =) It good to have a simple chat with friends to get yourself update with how are they doing. You never know that one day they might help you in one way or another. Happy chatting.
@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
19 Jul 09
Of course you will be bored, if you make the chat as routine activities. But another case, if you only chat when you need it. Happy chatting...