COUPONS: What was your best bargain this week?

United States
July 19, 2009 5:54pm CST
Due to the economy most of us have turned to using coupons and buying products that we can get a rebate for more coupons, or a free product. My favorite is the BOGO (buy one, get one free) ... especially when I have a coupon. My best bargain for the week was my $2.00 off if I buy one ANY BRAND 5 pound bag of sugar and 10 packages of Kool-aid. Well, my store had a store brand name on sale for $1.44 and 10 packages of Kool-aid at 10 cents each. So for 5 pounds of sugar and 10 packages of kool-aid I ended up paying 44 cents. But it gets better, I had two coupons, so I purchased two 5 pounds of sugar and 20 packages of kool-aid for 88 cents. I try not to shop without a coupon, but some products you would not have coupons for, but I save almost 50% ofF my grocery bill. I also like the products that you can get a rebate to get your money back or more coupons. Stretch it more and use a coupon and still get regular full price returned on the rebate. WHAT WAS YOUR BEST BARGAIN?
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