Want a free place to post up payment proofs/referral links+ blogs/websites?

United States
July 19, 2009 11:27pm CST
Well I was just curious as I made a website where you can post up payment proofs with your referral links attached for free. It's still new but for the traffic I get to it it's not too shabby. Quite a bit of exposure especially if you join up with the website early. Not only that, but we all you to post up your websites/blogs for free as well! We also offer a "get paid to refer" program. $1-$5 per ten people referred to our site the amount you get is based on your referrals activity. So if you haven't yet, the real question is. Why haven't you? Feel free to inform me why you haven't stopped by yet. Is there anything I can add to make the site more appealing to you?(link can be found in my profile.)
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