We should enjoy our life

July 20, 2009 12:18am CST
As we all know,life is short.So we shold enjoy our life,not damage it.In the world,there are many kinds of people.Someone is successful,while other people is having faliure.What's more,there are even people are killing themselves. Life is short but beautiful,when we came to the world,we should have the belief that we should live happily no matter what will happen to us. We not only live only for ourselves,we live for our parents,our children,and the people who need our help.So everybody should live happily .What's more,we should try our best to live successfuly,so in the world everyone will live happily.In that sense,the big world will become a small family.Every one in the family are enjoying there happy life. Do you agree with me?
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@Sir_bobby88 (8245)
• Singapore
27 Sep 09
I totally agree , not only we enjoy our life and our family could enjoy of life together will be even better yea .
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
27 Sep 09
Hey, Yes that is very true, life for some people is actually quite short and some people do not get to live their life the way they want to live it. Even I sometimes do not enjoy my life that much, but I am still quite happy though. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• Philippines
20 Jul 09
life is short, that is true, compare to a tortoise that can have a life span of 200 years or more, and to a syquoia tree that can live to a thousand years, life of a man is so short. the irony is, man is far greater and more precious than anything in this world, yet he has a short life span, a master piece of this universe yet, has a very short life, indeed. so, what do we do with life? do we need to hasten to experience everything, bad or good in order to enjoy this short life we have? what we can do with life matters most in attaining happiness. as you can see, no matter what how successful and powerful you can be, rich and healthy and beautiful, all can feel a gap inside when spirituality is not filled in. yes, worshiping the Almighty God, the Creator, in accordance to His standards and will can give real meaning to LIFE. Love, family, even money and prestige can give us happiness, but the worship of a true God can make us the happiest person on earth.
@chaime (1153)
• Philippines
20 Jul 09
of course.. no matter how hard life becomes it is always a good thing to enjoy life and enjoy life to the fullest that is my motto actually. Problems are always there, I guess people never run out of things to worry about and problems always arises at the best circumstances, so it is wonderful if we can all just enjoy life...
@yogambal_64 (1016)
• India
20 Jul 09
Yes, We should live and let live. Enjoying life is good but we should not obstruct the enjoyment of others. Life is like a stage we keep doing our part and vanish when our role is over so in this short time we should try to make everyone happy so that they keep thinking of the good role we played.