Have you ever gotten revenge?

July 20, 2009 3:55am CST
Have you ever gotten revenge on someone who did or said something bad to you? If yes, what did you do. And if not, have you ever wanted revenge?
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
20 Jul 09
Yes i like to revenge someone makes me pain, but sometime nobody knows this is a revenge.I was a normal human who are happy to be revenge it makes me deep sleeping.
• India
20 Jul 09
well hi there i also get hurt when some one say something about my family .i can not tolerate this thing.if some one who is giving me some pain then i try to keep my patience ..but that person again did the same thing then i cant forget that person to take revenge from him/her.. thanks GOd bless you
@rainmark (4306)
20 Jul 09
I wanted to take a revenge to the people who bullied me and done soemthing to me. But i can't do it, im not that really a bad person who will do bad to the others. I just let it go and forget. coz i beleive in karma. Happy posting.
• Indonesia
20 Jul 09
I ever once felt so angry with someone. I really one to get revenge on her but everytime I try, I always fail! I don't know must say thanks to God or not.. So the only thing I could do is imagine do something on her, but only imagine. I do it everyday, and the only thing I get is tired. I felt so tired imagine and hating her, until I realized there's no meaning in this. She didn't feel anything, and I'm the one who become tired and bad. So I stop it and ignore her. Now I find that ignoring is the best way! (but of course after imagine for a little time and share with your best friend.. sometimes sharing with friends really help to reduce my revenge-will). I won't let anyone bad like that entering my mind and turn me into a bad person by make want to take revenge on them.