My thoughts my songs

@moon1688 (144)
July 20, 2009 4:04am CST
Tonight has been listening to a song after listening to this song countless times, each time to listen to has a different feel. One's life may be difficult to forget there are many things hidden in the human heart, into the potential of affecting a person's mood, or joy, or sad, perhaps it is these experiences and storage, constitutes a rich life, also the world's best stratification. I like to listen to the song writing, looking at something other than music, the existence of spiritual enlightenment buried deep inspiration, so that wide publicity of the thoughts in the freedom of soaring in the sky, so that a long time ago, or some real feeling into nib, in the beauty of the ink in my feelings to think about life and tension, this is my quiet time to enjoy life a person's beauty. Cheerful music, let me outline a progressive increase of beauty in music, a spray, a piece of white clouds are free, a butterfly, a bird flying are happy, flowing melody, there is informal singing, longing for a better life easy steps, and I spin and dance the joy of open arms. Can be like wandering around, like dandelion, wild horses can gallop, like freedom. Flights from time to time the music reminds me of a long history, in the quiet experience of the history of taste in the smoke, the fierce chase the deer in the music, the horses neighing, flags fluttering, the rumbling of the drum-ming and the clarion call seems powerful in my eyes, Let me visual moment in silence, through the history of a long tunnel, to make convergence history paintings off the screen and chapter. In music, I can fight storm petrel is also a hero is to harness the chariot. Love of music is a relief of the river, many of reverie and back will be washed in the river and red finishes, a leaf of the drift boat, a flourish of acacia, a millennium old stick of the winding, of a pearl rebirth, from the blossoming spring ice to thousands of miles, a red light a candle burning dream. Music, there are the tears of separation, and the dim meet also Wandering down the road of life and life. Sad most of the music I was moved, intoxicated, the scenes of the past slowly floating on my mind, listening to such music, like the ancient ceremony, sad tears will Yingying Department. Out from the music of each individual, are familiar faces, are treasures in the hearts of people around the heartstrings with the pain of the injury. Tonight's very sad song, the song "Love can not be" reminded me a lot of events, from school to write the first word to today's knowledge, all the ups and downs in the music of over slowly. I do not want to put pen to paper to portray the feeling of heart, only in the emotion, let a tear fall into the palm, the flashing in the crystal study of the broken dream of the past! When listening to music, the soul of music as their own feelings of floating.
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