Terrorist Attack

July 20, 2009 12:21pm CST
2 days ago terrorist attack jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. 50 people became victim and 12 dead. I am so shocked when watched it on television. Although i live in small city far from jakarta, i was confused cause i have planned to continue my study in Jakarta.
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@zhorak (491)
• Turkey
20 Jul 09
You posted this in wrong interest :) I am so sorry about terrorist acts. Sometimes it happens in my country too. But I never thought to move to a safer city. You never know where a bomb will explode. Porobably crowded places will be the target but being there at wrong time is a very small chance. You said 50 people became victim. This is a large number but think about the risk. There are millions of people there. I think this risk isn't more than the risk of a traffic accident or a natural disaster. I will say don't change your study plan, if you ask me. Happy myLotting