Name your top 3 phobias..

July 20, 2009 4:53pm CST
Mine is: 1. Fear of singing (weird, right?) 2. Fear of cockroaches 3. Fear of heights Nos.2 & 3 i think are self-explanatory. But I guess I am obliged to explain phobia no. 1.. lol. I don't exactly remember how it started but when i was in 6th grade, when we were practicing our graduation song,, i heard a girl from other class singing loudly with an awful voice. she seems to be proud of it. and i started to think of my own voice. i know i don't have that good / golden singing voice and thought that others might think the same about me. so since then i stopped singing. :( i do remember when i was younger, i used to sing in our house using a microphone (for all our neighbors to hear) and i am really proud of it. i even loved acting on top of the center table. but since that particular day, i stopped singing. :( care to share your thoughts about it guys?
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@goapples (129)
20 Jul 09
Top three phobias, i wouldn't have worded it like that "top" it gives it a positive feel. Anyway the first is a fear of fear, if that made any sense. Where you suddenly get fearful for example when you are walking along and you are paranoid about someone following you or you just get fearful randomly when you know in reality that there is nothing wrong. Secondly there is a fear of heights but the strange thing about that is it relates so closely to the first fear when i get scared randomly because i love climbing for example a tree i look up and it doesn't seem too tall but you start and look down and your thinking oh my goodness. Third is being electrocuted
@lala501 (1533)
• United States
20 Jul 09
Just because somebody else can't sing doesn't mean you can't. Also it really doesn't matter if you can or can't sing. If you love to do it then sing your heart out. I sing in the shower it doesn't mean I am trying to get an endorcment deal. So for my three fears they are: 1. heights 2. roller coasters 3. being buried alive