Do you ever think I should maybe.....

United States
July 20, 2009 10:07pm CST
start a discussion about that on mylot? There are so many times throughout the day when I will think of something or something will happen and I think I should start a discussion about that when I get on mylot and see what other people think and then when I get on here I have no idea what in the heck it was that I wanted going to write about? I think I need to keep a tablet with me so when something happens I can jot it down and then I will remember what I wanted to write about, I mean I make lists for everything in my daily life why not start doing it for mylot discussions right? Does this ever happen to you??
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• United States
21 Aug 09
Thanks for the best response. :) Take care, firefox333
@Shery32 (424)
• Saudi Arabia
21 Jul 09
Hi Froggieslover, It happened to me but I thought of not starting any discussion yet as it needs more time than just reading over posts here and there. Sometimes I search for it and found it there - especially if it is a question or so. But it is a personal experience then it must be original and unique as it happened only to you the way it happened even if similar things happened to other ppl thx
• United States
21 Jul 09
Yes, I so identify with and know/understand what you are writing about in regards to actually starting a post of your own here at myLot. Good for you that you actually did though start one with this question. There have also been and still are many times when I too think of quite a few things to start a discussion about here, plus at the time when I DO think of those subjects, they also seem like a good topic, which I think would lead to some responses and make for a hopefully interesting discussion. Have thought of writing topics in a tablet, just like you mentioned, but also have never done so. And as for me when I do come back here into myLot, rather than starting any new topics, I usually spend lots of time reading other people posts and profiles, which I find to be quite a learning experience. But that often does deter me from replying or actually meeting many new folks.