The Power Of The Word "FREE"

@vjsinduja (1035)
Sri Lanka
July 21, 2009 4:46am CST
If u see the word "FREE" what do u do? Do u immediately find about what it is and what's it about or let go depending on your wants and needs. Lets c into two instances [p]First[/p] [p] If u are into Internet/Online Business, you would have definitely come across the word "FREE" so many times. At all those instances do u tend to find more about it or do by pass some as there are many scams [/p] [p]Second[/p] [p] While u are looking for site to do Online Business u might come across promotions related to products saying "Try it for FREE" or saying "Get this for FREE" In that case, do u divert your search and go finding about what the FREE matter is? [/p] [p] Simply asking how far are you driven away with the word "FREE" [/p]
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