TRANSFORMER.,, Movie OR Animated??

July 21, 2009 12:52pm CST
what can you say about transformer? do you like it in cartoon or more on movie ?what can you say about the story of the movie? is it similar to the original one,does the movie transformer 1 and 2 take your breath away while you are watching?do you really think that autobots can win the fight against the decepticons? For me,i like it both but the best thing in animated movie is the real story,,ofcourse! yet it still amaze me in the recent movie of transformer (Rise of the Fallen),it is more exciting and it has a lot of actions,most of all the breathtaking moment when optimus prime died.,for my opinion i think autobots can't win the fights against the decepticons,because they have more powers and large army than the autobots,as you can see they ruled the planet cybertron...but ofcourse villains can't never win against the heroes...and very fact that im a huge fan of team autobots...ofcourse they will win every battle everytime they fIght against the decepticons... HOW ABOUT YOU???WITCH SIDE DO YOU CHOOSE???
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