Do you think they're reliable?

United States
@debrakcarey (19939)
July 21, 2009 12:56pm CST
Here is the link: is run by a husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkleson, who have no formal background in investigation. They began the site as a hobby 13 years ago and up until recently were the final word on internet rumors and urban legends. I received a foward in my email containing the testimony of someone (wasn't able to track down the originator) that claimed Snopes lied on their website about contacting the State Farm Headquarters to verify that they pressured their agent Bud Gregg to take down the political sign in his yard.(made famous on the Internet) I cannot copy and paste the email..but it did make a point about the reliability of The originator of the email claims no one from snopes contacted either Bud Gregg or State Farm Ins. Headquarters to find out if he was forced by State Farm to remove his anti Obama sign, yet claimed they did on the web site. Now, after the BIRTH CERTIFICATE switch on Snopes and UPI, What do YOU think about Is it realiable or not?