Why do we drink orange juice in breakfast?

July 21, 2009 5:26pm CST
The quick answer is "because we can". The US is the second highest producer of oranges after Brazil, and the second largest exporter of oranges after Argentina. It is like America has a huge orange grove in our collective backyard. In coutries like Japan who import most of their oranges, juice prices are quiet high and it is not feasible to make a habit of drinking it each morning. Another reason Americans drink more orange juice is because our orange juice is better than other countries. This is not a matter of Go USA pride, it is just a fact. Orange juice is commonly exported in dried form and later reconstituted. If you do not grow your own oranges, your juice is not that great and it makes sense that you might question America`s commitment to it. So why the morning? Why do not we customarily drink orange juice at supper or as a nightcap before bed. That answer can be found in your nose, it always knows. The odor of citrus produces a cognitive effect on those exposed to it. It is energizing, invigorating and refreshing. In effect, the scent of oranges helps wake you up. Since about 90 percent of what peole perceive as taste is produced by smell, orange juice becomes a sort of pep pill for the senses. The scent of citrus has even been proven to improve or brighten your mood- although, admittedly, most of the experts who proved this were aromatherapy hippies who used easily-susceptible new agers as their test subjects. Keep posting. Happy Mylotting. Best Regards,Jeff
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@marguicha (100279)
• Chile
20 Jan 13
I don´t drink any kind of juice at breakfast: it doesn´t agree with my stomach. I nibble a bit of bread with something over it and drink a couple of mugs of coffee to wake up. That´s it. When I drink orange juice, I buy oranges (not expensive in my country) and make my own juice.
14 Jan 13
oh common, I hope you are not serious about that you got the best oranges! I've lived in 2 countries in my life, Qatar and USA and visited other countries as well. Anyway, from an experience I found that the fruits we import in Qatar tastes way better than even the organic fruits that are being sold here in Utah specifically. In general fruits here got less taste, and even veggies. I'd assume that because they add a lot of preserving things? In general food in the states is just so bad with all of my respect. Sadly, its even worse than many poor countries and relatively less developed. And about drinking orange juice, I think its all about how cultures are different and what they value to have. I personally prefer coffee or tea, it makes more sense to me to get those and feel altered than orange juice that might irritate my empty stomach.
@vinslounge (1297)
• India
22 Jul 09
In India, we have a different form of Diet. For us, Juice is not a daily diet for everyone and we take juice mainly in the noon or evening hours. Although all kind of fruits are available in India, still people prefer consuming fruits than juices. However our breakfast starts with Milk, Tea or coffee taken along with bread\Corn\Rice Cakes\ Wheat dough. For us Rice and wheat are stable diets. People in the Northern India prefers Wheat wheras people in the Southern India prefers Rice. For many in India, we consume Juice for its taste. Although Juice are good for health, recent studies prove that Consuming as a Frit is much healtier than consuming them as Juice. We have varieties of Fruit grown in India. But due to high population we are not able to export many to other countries. We take fruits in the evening time or as a dessert after Dinner.
@eysian (125)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I believe it starts your gastric juice in the stomach for the day. Something with orange fruit citrus acidic levels. Plus, it has a good source of vitamins! Something we need everyday! Why not start the day with something refreshing and healthy?
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
21 Jul 09
I drink orange juice every morning, because it is so refreshing. After 8 hours or so of sleep, you awake with a dry mouth, and orange juice hits the spot, as well as providing one of your '5 a day' fruit and vegetable portions. However, I disagree that American oranges are best. We live in Spain, and Valencian oranges are thin skinned and very juicy and sweet. Oranges are very cheap here - around 2 euros for 5 kilos - and in season, we go and pick our own from the local orange groves. We have freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. When we come back to England to visit, we just don't enjoy the cartons of juice on offer, so we usually switch to cranberry juice until we return to Spain. That's another healthy, refreshing breakfast drink.