animal cruety

United States
July 21, 2009 6:29pm CST
I watched a video of a bull fight in mexico I seen how they injure the bull and continue fighting them and then later klll it I mean there was blood and you could tell the bull was getting weak what do you think of bull fights.
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• Philippines
22 Jul 09
I can't see why some people love bullfighting.what is the excitement in it anyway?who gets excited with all those blood and gore?can't these people just watch UFC or WWE and just bet on it?I have seen some bullfighting videos on news,and when something goes wrong,like the bull goes on an attack rage and attack the audience,I actually snicker.I want them to feel how it is like to be attacked by a raging bull.good for those people.evil,I know,but they deserve it.
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• New Zealand
22 Jul 09
Agree! Everyone should get a taste of their own medicine at some stage, when they deserve it .
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@machizmo (279)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I can tell you from experience human have many cruel ways to amuse themselves at the expense of animals. I do not agree with it but I realize it is part of the dark side of culture and humanity.
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• Canada
8 Aug 09
I think it's terrible, what humans will do to animals. Cockflighting, bullfighting, dogfighting, killing animals for fur, inhumane slaughter of animals, exparimation on animals, there are so many horrible ways that people are cruel to animals, and this cruelty needs to be stopped.