Armstrong or Contador?

@jonakyl (493)
United States
July 21, 2009 6:40pm CST
Does anyone think that Armstrong can beat Contador? Why or why not?
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• Pamplona, Spain
13 Sep 10
Hiya jonakyl, Lance Armstrong is a fantastic cyclist and it was good to see him in the Tour de France while I could get to see it. Contador is also a very strong cyclist too and I don´t say this because he is Spanish I see him for a few minutes while I can and I see him as being strong for the future also. Trouble with cycling is like everything else no one is super human and someone else that is equally as good can beat both of them in the future. It´s a very unrewarding sport a lot like Ice Skating once you blown it you´ve blown it and there´s no turning back whereas with Football at least they have another week and a chance to redeem themselves. Oscar Freire also started off very strong a while back now and was not able to be at the top of the cream crop but he is none the less a brilliant sportsman and so are so many more like him. Actually I prefer to watch the seconders that never actually win but they help to make the Race what it is. Lance could come back and beat all of them but I wonder if he really will. Even so I have enjoyed watching him while I can. I believe I saw Steven Roach´s Son the other Day in the Tour of Spain that should be one to keep an eye on too. Fernando Escartin was my favourite and still is although I have many favourites I just can´t make up my mind which one sometimes.
• India
12 Jul 10
after the 8th stage it is looking an impossible task for Lance to beat Contador. but Andy may win the Tour DE France by the help of team Saxobank.