How to create good sleeping habit and discipline?

July 21, 2009 10:58pm CST
I would like to give discipline to my daughter, especially about her sleeping habit. Sometimes, she sleeps late at night. So, in the morning she feels dizzy and lazy to take a bath. She is three years old. And, my problem is every time I remind her to sleep early, my husband always says she is still kids just let her alone..when she gets tired she will sleep by herself. So, how to create a good sleeping habit and also discipline for my daughter? Especially, give understanding to my husband.
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@wigima5 (908)
• United States
22 Jul 09
You've got to make him understand that important habits are learned at this age. maybe at the age of 1 or so that was still appropriate because as many of us know most babies wake up and then sleep for only little bits with irregular sleep patterns. But if you let it continue like this it'll just be HARDER to control her when she's a few years older, when she'll be bigger and more able to talk back and throw a fit. Plus, if it makes her dizzy your husband needs to realize its a sign that something is wrong. So, everyone has an internal clock, meaning if you get used to going to bed at a certain time your body will automatically be sleepy at that time because it's what it's been used to for a while. So, you should start out by putting her to bed at around the same time each night. have her say goodnight to everybody, and then make her ready for bed by giving her a nice soothing bath. This often gets little kids to relax and get ready for bedtime. And things like a daily bath will also remind her body that it is time to sleep. When you lay her in bed you have to be strict, make sure she doesn't throw a fit or try to leave after she's in bed. If she cries sometimes its only to get attention to (watched this on a nanny 911 show too of a similiar case). Once you have her in bed though read fairy tales and stories. This ALWAYS gets kids sleepy and leaves them with happy dreams in their heads, plus it forms extra bonds between the two of you. Singing lullabies is also effective. The first few days might be tough, especially if her body and mind are used to staying up much later, but stick with it and she will be able to go to sleep regularly. GOOD LUCK! HOPE YOU HEED MY ADVICE N IT WORKS GREAT. :)