a persons life is easy to take away.

@acie_21 (5647)
July 22, 2009 1:11am CST
last night we went to our close friend burial..i still cant accept the fact that his gone..my heart aches a lot and kept thinking why now?why him?his a very kind person a happy loving husband and father..he still have three little kids,how will the children see their father when they all grow up..?i pity on the family that they will never see their love one. i was thinking how important life is.our life is just a one snap and were all gone...i cant accept the reason of his death because on what happen to the accident my friend drive so fast,he slide and went inside to the vehicle...the driver still did not stopped and continued dragging my friend..and his reason that he was so scared,he wanted to escape for the accident he has committed. the driver was so stupid instead saving my friends life he is more concern of his self..my friend survived that time but he passed away when he arrived at the hospital..how precious our life is ..we will never know when is our time to go.....
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