Is not having kids equal to not having a complete family?

July 22, 2009 1:27am CST
In many countries kids are really very important to be considered a family. Its liken to wealth and abundance too. Im one of those wife who have not been blessed with a child yet. Sometimes its frustrating when people ask you or speak to you in a way as if you are the one at fault for not having kids of your own. However, I was blessed to have a husband who loves me and accepts me for who I am. He is happy and content with what we have and do not have. We considered ourselves a family even without kids yet. We do our best to prepare for their coming (hope its sooner...). We learn whatever lessons that we need to learn in relating with kids and anticipate the needs they will have. We strongly believe that God has his best timing on everything. And we are willing to wait.
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22 Jul 09
You and your husband ARE a family, and it sounds like a lovely family too! No, children or lack of them does not determine whether you are part of a family. My husband and I considered ourselves a family, long before the children came and before we even got married! We had eachother and a houseful of pets who ARE part of our family. Lost of couples don't have kids, either because they can't or simply don't want to become parents, and there is NOTHING wrong with that! You have eachother, and you have love, and you also have parents, siblings, and cousins, you ARE a family. Don't let anyone make you feel bad, just enjoy the family you already have and be grateful for being blessed to have found beautiful true love - some folks go their entire lies without finding that! If one day you have children, they will be as blessed to be part of your already wonderful family as you will be to have them in it. I'm sure you and your husband will be wonderful parents someday, if that is what you choose to do (remember, you don't have to give birth to a child to become a mother, you can foster or adopt a child in need too).