DSP Black Rock World Energy fund - Invest

July 22, 2009 6:46am CST
The New Fund Offer from DSP Fund House, named DSP Black Rock World Energy Fund looks to be very interesting. The Fund aims to invest in Energy Stocks Worldwide and not limit itself to Indian stocks. Indian Companies are restricted and restrained by Govt on rising Petroleum Prices in tandem with Crude Price rise and thus do not get any benefit from rising Crude prices. Global companies have no such compulsions and thus are better placed to benefit from rising Crude prices. This is the thing the Fund aims to capture. The Fund will invest in Global Large Cap Crude Exploration Companies and should be an outperformer not only because of the bullish outlook on Crude but also because the Energy Stocks are quoting at multi year lows. visit my blog for more detailed analysis of the Fund. I would be very happy if you too could share your views on this Fund. Srikanth
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